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    The Showcase

    The Showcase is the final part of the course where you get to perform your 5 minute routine for friends and family

    A truly unforgettable but optional experience.. but anyone who does it will remember it for the rest of their lives.Everybody brings at least 2 freinds (but you can invite as many as you want) and then we have a fantastic audience.Shows run for about an hour..and the atmoshpere is always one of joy,excitement and encouragement!

    All in all a FANTASTIC LAUGH…and a lifetime achievement! Seeing the shock on your friends faces when they see you making a room laugh is one of the biggest thrills of my job.Here what Tyler thought right after his first gig!



    manuela and me maria april 10 com nov 2106

    com novices showcase 10 april 2016 kate and me Om

  • I loved the course! Bentley brings out the best in everyone and gives positive feedback on your set

    Laura Lattimore
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