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    Comedy for Schools.


    Bentley runs workshops for schools as part of their education syllabus,enrichment programme and after school activities.He has worked extensively in schools in Baden,Linz and Klagenfurt in Austria and The Swedish School in Barnes, London. Bentley’s comedy and confidence workshops give students  a chance to build confidence,improve their public speaking and boost their mental well being  at fun workshops of between 1 and 2 hrs.Bentley’s course have been featured on BBC Breakfast,The One Show,Russell Howards Good News and London BBC News.

    Comedy for Schools workshops include-

    -Confidence and public speaking games

    -Comedy improvisation exercises

    -Comedy techniques for public speaking

    -Joke techniques the professionals use

    -Practical public speaking techniques

    -Ways to deal with nerves

    A program can be designed which includes daily sessions over a week or a once a week basis.

    Contact Bentley on 07980 286 258 or email to find out more.


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  • Exceptional course; would recommend to everyone! Great if you have an interest in getting out on the circuit and want a safe place to find your voice beforehand. Bentley is enthusiastic, supportive and clear in getting you set on your way. I’d also recommend this to anyone just wanting to push their boundaries, as the boost in confidence that leaks over into general areas of life is unbelieavable too.

    Steve Ram
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