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    Comedy Courses/Tasters






    2 more tasters to be announced in a few days!

    The next Comedy Novices Course starts on Monday October 9th Special Early Bird Offer is available before Sept 3rd

    £99.00!!  Go to the Store on this site!

    6 Monday classes culminating in the Showcase gig on Sunday Nov 26th 5pm

    Class dates are  MON OCT 9…16…23…NOV 6…13 and 20


    Above  classes are at Bruce House,Kemble St,Covent Garden London WC2 4AW





    Hurry as this course sells out every time!

    The new course dates are now available!

    Welcome to the ride of a life time!

    This course will help you how to..

    -boost your confidence to new levels

    -deliver a 5 minute comedy routine at your very own Showcase gig.

    -use joke devices and structures to get laughs

    -help you discover your comedy persona

    -give you great ideas for material

    -have fun with impro and comedy exercises

    -operate successfully outside your comfort zone

    -think like a comedian

    -make great friends and share an amazing experience together

    -join the comedy community and make loads of new friends

    The course climaxes with your 3-5 min performance at The Washington Pub,Belsize Park

    Maximum number of class is 18 so book early as the course regularly sells out.


    Peabody Bruce House Learning Centre Kemble Street Covent Garden WC2B 4AW

    Course dates-

    Thurs 20 July 7-9.30pm

    Sat  22nd July 2-4pm

    Thurs 27th July 7-9.30pm

    Showcase Gig Sun 30th July 5pm




    £129.00    Email/message me to notify of your payment.Thanks!






    OR Bank Transfer

     sc 560031  acc 00785326  natwest


    Please email me to notify of payment.Thanks!

    comedynovices@gmail.com   or



    Your first showcase gig to invite friends to..all performers are requested to bring at least 2 friends or family to ensure a fantastic crowd



    A 6 week course of 90 minute classes which culminates in a 5 minute Showcase gig (Optional).Learn pro joke techniques,do hysterical improvisation exercises,work on set homeworks which you present in class each week.

    Discover your inner comic,surprise and learn about yourself when you go on this incredible comedy journey as you develop a comedy voice and persona which you never knew you had.



    Try great impro exercises,pro joke techniques and develop massive confidence in public speaking .See how easy it is to start doing stand up and discover your funny bones quickly.
    A 90 minute class which is fun,challenging and very rewarding.








    Next course to be announced soon!


    This course is open to Comedy Novice Graduates only.Hosted by the Intermediate students.


    6 weeks of structured comedy studying with a homework each week..AND A SHOWCASE GIG!



    The course will give us time to develop areas touched on in the Intermediate Day.So you will develop way more noticeably.Each week there is a homework presentation and the studying/practice of at least 2 topics.

    No repetition of material from Comedy Novice course…and suitable if you havent done comedy for a while.

    The course will include

    -New joke writing techniques,

    -Polishing and improving your act-weeding out weaker stuff.

    -Comfort Zone Pushing…amazing results with students      recently

    -Comedy Character development

    -Comedy Song creation


    -Sketch development,

    -Refining of techniques,

    -MC ing-Introducing acts

    -Dealing with heckling practice and talking to audience practice


    -Developing a show for Fringe Festivals
    You will be MC ing at the INTERMEDIATE SHOWCASE gig which is on SUNDAY OCTOBER 30TH

    A show which will have the Intermediate flavour with imaginative ideas/format.You will introduce the acts Acts and depending on numbers and time some students can perform 7 minutes.Although 5  mins is fine.

    Sketch format with 2/3 people will be encourged

    A ‘show with a difference’ is also encouraged!

    This course will allow us the time to really delve deeper into areas we covered on the Intermediate Day…and consist of homework preperation each week.

    The beginners course will be emcouraged to attend the Intermediate show which is on the same day as their show.Please invite at least 2 people though.

    You will receive the hallowed Comedy Novices Intermediate Certificate.


    Comedy and Confidence for Shy People and Nervous Public Speakers

     with Bentley Browning.

    Click image to book..


    Saturday 30th September



    A day workshop specifically tailored for the particularly shy. A gentle mixture of confidence techniques,public speaking tasks in pairs and groups mixed in with some essential comedy techniques.Guaranteed to make you feel more relaxed about public speaking and give you a taste of how to make people laugh a lot…and great fun of course! Learn how i got thusands of pounds of free media press using a comedy technique and do class 1 of the Comedy Novices class as part of this confidence  for shy people session.Public Speaking tips galore!

    Bruce House WC2B 4AW Basement  off Drury Lane in Covent Garden!


    Private Consultations

    Make your speech,talk,lecture,comedy routine or business presentation funny.1 hr classes start at £40.00

    Arrange date with me then register.Call 07980 286258/0207482 3892 register-btn


    How To Attract a Partner Talk-Finding a Suitable partner using comedy and confidence techniques.

    Bentley Browning talks on his book 50 Ways To Find a Husband or Wife.Metaphysical/practical tips and techniques to increase your attractiveness.The techniques were all used on his relationships courses which resulted in relationships and marriages.


    India YMCA

    41 Fitzroy Square, London W1T 6AQ





    Comedy and Confidence for Shy People and Public Speakers

    An afternoon workshop featuring 10 Public Fear destroyers,comedy tips to have the edge on other speakers,public speaking practice and fun impro exercises.

    Great fun and remarkable results guaranteed!


    Saturday 27th August

    Central YMCA 112 Great Russell St London wc1b 3nq





    if you have any questions please contact Bentley



  • Exceptional course; would recommend to everyone! Great if you have an interest in getting out on the circuit and want a safe place to find your voice beforehand. Bentley is enthusiastic, supportive and clear in getting you set on your way. I’d also recommend this to anyone just wanting to push their boundaries, as the boost in confidence that leaks over into general areas of life is unbelieavable too.

    Steve Ram
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