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    Wellbeing through Humour Workshops.

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    ‘Bentley gave a 4 hour comedy workshop for my staff. Like nothing they had done! Really brought people out of themselves.Hysterical’   Ron Geenman YMCA

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    Give your staff a comedy workshop and increase their:

    Depressed? Feeling down? Fed Up? In need of a mental boost?

    It’s a well known fact that wellness can be massively improved through the enriching power of humour.

    Let fun comedy exercises lift your spirits, empower you and improve your mental well being.

    An course of innovative mood enhancing techniques and laughter inducing exercises. Laughter really is the best medicine.
    Try the impro exercises and tried and tested comedy techniques to create laughter and impact on yourself and others.
    The group is a friendly nurturing collection of people who encourage each other in their journey to fulfillment.

    Either on Online or in person on the course you will….

    -bond with a great set of people
    -develop a healthy mindset to life
    -turn negative experiences to comedy gold
    -increase your personal confidence greatly
    -learn how to look at life lightly
    -become funnier and wittier
    -increase your attraction levels
    -learn and use pro joke techniques, ,story telling, song, poem, character creation,
    -roleplaying individual, pairwork and group work
    -become a better public speaker

    Raise your spirits with uplifting writing tasks and exercises – which include 50 joke techniques the pros use!

    Eg-3 Reasons i knew i was losing the plot in Lockdown, My weird Lockdown routine, How we’ll celebrate being back to normal and so much more…!

    Classes are arranged to suit (30 mins-1 hour) and courses are up to 6 weeks in length


    Ralph Connor Director of Monfreid & Fry Ltd

    I’ve had the pleasure to work with Bentley Browning on numerous English courses in Austria over the past 15 years. With an emphasis on communication, these courses have always included an element of ‘performance’ (drama, film-making, presentation skills &c), but Bentley has taken this to new heights with his ‘English + Comedy’ approach in recent years. Seeing a student’s development from nervous English user to confident English performer within the space of a week under Bentley’s tutelage is a joy. I would have no hesitation in recommending Bentley for any position in which a strong student focus, innovation and enthusiasm were key.

    Jude Dien- Esher College Course Organizer

    The arts and creative expression can be supportive factors in mental health. Bentley has empowered individuals and groups to consider well-being through humour in workshops where creative expression has been channelled using music, comedy and drama.

    Dan Usher-Head of Mental Fight Club Charity

    Humour has proven to be a wonderful tool in helping lift ones spirits and boost morale. Bentley recently led a fabulous comedy workshop for our wellbeing charity in the City of London as part of a series of mens events.The majority of men said they felt more motivated and uplifted as a result of his workshop

    Richard Brice IBM Consultant-Wellbeing Group

    Really uplifting,innovative and helped my confidence no end-especially at public speaking.Surprised myself with my own humour!

    Craig Conway-Course member

    Bentley Browning’s comedy courses have done more to reduce and even overcome my anxiety and depression than any therapy I have received. It has helped me stretch outside my comfort zone in a safe, playful way and improved my overall confidence including my ability to speak to people in a confident and relaxed way. It’s helped me to see the funny side of life and not to take myself so seriously, which in turn has made me more attractive to others and helped me to feel good about myself and be more positive and optimistic. I have made some great friends through Bentley’s comedy courses. Ive also benefited from writing comedy as my imagination and creativity has increased. Above all, Bentley’s courses have helped me to find my voice, be more expressive and share who I am, whereas previously I was very quiet and withdrawn.

    Laura Lattimore-Course member

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  •  Comedy Novices is absolutely fantastic!! It’s the best thing I ever did!! It’s a great way to get out of your comfort zone, challenge yourself and see what you’re capable of!! Bentley is AMAZING! A real genius. I had so much fun on the course and I’ve found a new interest. The show was amazing! You’ll have the best time!! I recommend that EVERYONE does this course! Seriously take the course! Thank you Bentley 

    Lisa James
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