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    Why Comedy is Cheaper Than Therapy

    A comedian makes fun of their negative character traits or issues thereby reducing their power.

    Making fun of, for eg your committment phobia will help you free yourself from the negative effects of the issue.The brain realises on a deeper level the stupidity or irrationailty of the negative behaviour or issue and acts accordingly.

    If you have a fear of snakes for eg the image of a snake can be destroyed if you put a clown’s red nose on the sakes face.This essentially is what the comedian is doing..putting a clown’s nose on serious or negative issues.

    So many comics on my course report to me that they feel and act much lighter after the course as they have consistently retrained their mind to see the funny side of things.It’s like alchemy..the comic shouldn’t be afraid to tackle any subject which is disempowering them.If they do make fun of their own weaknesses the cumulative effects begin to show in their behaviour like being more laid back,less quick to judge,snap or retaliate,laughing things off and being  way less defensive.

    Take a personal issue today,exaggerate it or make fun of it and its power will start to crumble.

    Bentley Browning






    Truth-Why it’s vital in comedy.

    As Richard Pryor said ‘Be truthful and the funny will come’

    So so true indeed.

    Truth in a comedy set gives the glue connection between the audience and comedian.We relate to truth,we recognise it we respond to it..and because we recognise it we respond with the laughter of recognition.

    Some comics dont even write a joke..they just state a truth and get laughter…the audience member thinks ‘ooh my boyfriend does’ that..or ‘i do that’

    Truth bonds the comic to the audience in trust,safety and familiarity.

    The comic can use this to his/her advantage BIG TIME.

    The comic will subvert,elaborate or lie to get the comic effect.

    Truthful set up + fictional spin..=comedy

    If you have never ever thought of doing comedy please remember this.

    Every person alive has had funny things happen to them.Collect your best 3 stories..tell the stories in a shortened way back to back..and you will have a few minutes of comedy…It’s a starting point for the novice…Try it.

    PS Please note.Some comedians make a living from lying from start to finish.

    Bentley Browning

    Weds 28th June 2017

  • Exceptional course; would recommend to everyone! Great if you have an interest in getting out on the circuit and want a safe place to find your voice beforehand. Bentley is enthusiastic, supportive and clear in getting you set on your way. I’d also recommend this to anyone just wanting to push their boundaries, as the boost in confidence that leaks over into general areas of life is unbelieavable too.

    Steve Ram
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